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Jun 5
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“Until Dawn” is a PS4 exclusive helmed by Supermassive Games with appearances by Hayden Panettiere and “Twilight’s” Rami Malek. Now that its release date has finally been revealed, here’s a summary of what’s to come from the cast, gameplay and story of this 2015 game.

“Until Dawn” has had a long history with PlayStation, and it was originally designed to be a PS3 game. Since being reintroduced for PS4 a year ago, the concept has undergone some major changes.

For one, it now includes a cast of hot Hollywood faces. Panettiere will play a teen named Sam, with Malek entering the production as Josh. In addition to that are Meaghan Martin’s Jessica, Brett Dalton’s Mike, Nichole Bloom’s Emily, and Jordan Fisher’s Matt, among others. Not much is known about their personalities beyond their teenage description.

As far as the story is concerned, players take control of eight teens that spend the night in a log cabin to commemorate the disappearance of their friend Hannah. Unfortunately for them, a crazed serial killer lurks in the shadows and is waiting to slash them at a moment’s notice.

Such a plot obviously intends on scaring its audience, and the game even contains a survey to ensure those sensations are appealed to in the best way possible. Gamers will be asked to ponder their scariest death scenarios, and some of those will wiggle into the narrative.

With an objective firmly tied to Hollywood thrills, “Until Dawn’s” gameplay is more cinematic than gamey. Its control scheme is somewhat tank-like in an effort to make players feel as if they are acting out the events on screen.

In addition to sometimes unwieldy button presses, “Until Dawn” also takes advantage of the DualShock 4’s motion control features. Tasks like turning a doorknob might require shifting the entire remote in the proper direction. Shaking the peripheral to avoid being choked out by the killer is another common use. The teens will also occasionally encounter scripted quick time events that demand certain buttons be pressed when prompted.

The major selling point of this experience is that every player is essentially the director of their own horror movie. By failing to complete pivotal plot moments, it’s possible to choose who lives or dies in the scope of an individual story. Once a certain character is killed they’re gone forever, and that has the potential to change the events that follow.

While “Until Dawn” doesn’t explicitly have a multiplayer mode, its developers would like consumers to enjoy this spooky experience with friends. This can be done by passing the controller manually or by using PS4’s Share Play feature. While the latter requires a PlayStation Plus subscription, only one member of a party has to own the game.

“Until Dawn’s” release date was recently confirmed to be Aug. 25 in North America and Aug. 26 in Europe. Expect to see more of it during Sony’s E3 press conference.

May 12
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Gallery Link:
Film Productions > Custody > On Set – May 8, 2015

May 12
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Most of you probably know by now but in case you don`t ABC has renewed Nashville. Source

Apr 30
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Hayden Panettiere and Ellen Burstyn have joined Viola Davis and Catalina Sandino Moreno in James Lapine’s courtroom drama “Custody.”

Tony Shalhoub, Raul Esparza and Dan Fogler have also been cast. “Custody” will begin shooting this week in New York City.

The film, directed by Lapine from his own script, follows three women whose lives unexpectedly intersect at a New York Family Court. The attachments of Davis and Sandino Moreno were first reported a month ago.

Production companies are Lucky Monkey Pictures, Ju Vee Productions, Mustard & Co and the Greenlight Group. Producers are Lauren Versel, (“Last Five Years,” “Arbitrage”), Katie Mustard (“Shelter,” “We’ll Never Have Paris”), Lapine and Roy Furman. Executive producers are Davis, Julius Tennon, Daryl Roth, Sandy Robertson, Gregory P. Shockro, Jeff Elliot and Chad Moore.

Lapine has been nominated for 12 Tony Awards, winning three times. He recently was nominated for an Emmy Award and won a Peabody for the HBO documentary “Six by Sondheim.”


Apr 23
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Hello everyone!

My name is Chanel and I`m the new owner of Ultimate Panettiere you may know me from my other fansites such as Julianna Margulies Fan. I will try to catch up with all missing things shortly may take a little bit of time due to personal reasons but I will do my best.

Stay tuned for updates!

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